Budi Rahmawan

Budi commenced his martial arts career in 1993, prior to studying with the CMAA he trained in several martial arts styles in Indonesia and internationally, including Taekwondo WTF, Tarung Derajat, Aikido and Muay Thai.

In mid-2009, he commenced training at the Combined Martial Arts Academy (CMAA) with Senior Instructor Glen Gardiner, training in Arnis Eskrima, Zen Goshu Goshin Jutsu and Military Unarmed Combat (MUC)

During his time with the CMAA he has competed in national and international competitions in Indonesia and international competitions overseas in the Philippines.

Budi continues his training at the CMAA as well as with other styles and systems developing his own skills and ability while remaining focused toward making a positive difference empowering his students….READ MORE


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