The Grading and Promotion Management (GPM) Sub–Committee is responsible for the oversight of all CMAA grading and promotions within the CMAA that encompass the different styles and systems taught. The sub-committee members may appoint additional members as specific subject matter experts as appropriate on an as required basis only and will submit their recommendations to the ELT for review, comment and approval.

The ELT will review the recommendations of the GPM-SC before either returning to the GPM-SC with direction and or guidance for further review and or action or make a final decision concerning grading and promotion of each individual CMAA member. The ELT will notify the CMMA Club and Member Management Sub-Committee (CMM) of the results of any grading and or promotion board.

The CPM-SC will develop and maintain a digital database and management system and update the appropriate member records ensuring that all records are accurate and current. The CPM-SC is responsible for liaison with all club Senior Instructors and individual members for the timely payment of all appropriate grading and promotion fees and expenses.

The final authority concerning any grading and promotion of individual members in the CMAA rests with the Chairman and members of the ELT.

Glen Gardiner

Glen is currently Chief Instructor and Chairman of the Executive Leadership Team of the Combined Martial Arts Academy

Tom Goldsworthy

Tom is an experienced martial artist and the Chief Instructor of CMAA Townsville/Townsville Cacoy Canete Doce Pares, Australia

Taufik Nandipinto

Taufik is a Senior Instructor and member of the Management Committee at the Combined Martial Arts Academy


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