The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is responsible for the oversight of all CMAA activities, supporting the needs of member clubs and maintaining oversight of individual members welfare.

The ELT is the only Approval Authority within the CMAA pertaining to the management of the CMAA Sub-Committees and associated policy, procedures, systems, guidelines and administrative requirements of the CMAA.

The ELT provides oversight, direction, guidance and approval for all development, implementation and amendment of all CMAA policy, procedures and the CMAA Sub-Committees.

Glen Gardiner

Glen is currently Chief Instructor and Chairman of the Executive Leadership Team of the Combined Martial Arts Academy

Tom Goldsworthy

Tom is an experienced martial artist and the Chief Instructor of CMAA Townsville/Townsville Cacoy Canete Doce Pares, Australia

Taufik Nandipinto

Taufik is a Senior Instructor and member of the Management Committee at the Combined Martial Arts Academy


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